If you are traveling to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and have a little extra time, you ought to consider flying in and out of Seattle and then taking the ferry from Seattle to Victoria. It's a beautiful ferry ride and for some route markets might save you a lot of airplane money (Sometimes as much as $500!). The ferry takes about 2.5 hours and costs about $75 roundtrip. You can check the schedule and book the tickets online at:

To get from Seattle's SEATAC international airport to the Seattle Pier 69 (the Seattle-Victoia ferry leaves from here) you can get an inexpensive shuttle ($1.50). It takes about 45 minutes. Info on this is available at:


In general, you're lucky if you can find a great travel agent who will truly search all the possibilities to get you the least expensive airfare. It's usually best to be your own travel agent. Here are some recommendations for finding the right fare for you.

Both of these airlines are no frills, reasonably priced, especially if you book early.


A good regional carrier for the west coast flyway is:


Always check the on-line travel websites below. For some reason you can get different fares. Once you find out which airlines fly from one city to another using these sites, you can go to that airlines own website. You can sometimes save a lot booking directly with the airline.


Sometimes great fares, but you can't choose the departure or arrival time of your ticket, only the dates.


Sometimes great fares, non-refundable, unchangeable, and you can't choose the arrival and departure time, only the dates.


STA Travel, occassionally offers good fares for students and educators.