Faculty Biography:

Kenneth J. Kingsley, Ph.D.

Dr. Kingsley is a conservation biologist with over thirty years of experience in a variety of ecosystems in the western U.S. He is in his tenth year with SWCA, Inc. He as worked on projects in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Hawaii. Most of his work for the past decade has been related to protection of endangered and threatened species. He has conducted surveys and habitat evaluations for most of the Arizona listed species and species of concern, and prepared dozens of reports, biological evaluations and assessments. He has research and applied experience in ornithology, invertebrate biology, entomology, mammalogy, and community ecology, working in natural ecological processes and communities, terrestrial, freshwater aquatic, wilderness, park, urban and industrial, mining, and agricultural ecosystems. Dr. Kingsley has participated as a team member and leader in a wide variety of projects, including research and development in integrated pest management, sustainable agricultural ecosystems and management of wild lands and wildlife habitats in developed areas. He has designed or contributed to the design and analysis of wildlife preserves and wildlife management programs. As a team member, he has collaborated in several GIS-based investigations, including ground-truthing and definition of criteria and production of reports including GIS elements.

He has worked with attorneys and the regulated community in preparing reviews of complex technical reports and collections of literature and notes, determining strengths and weaknesses in knowledge and appropriate strategies for challenges, writing critical analyses of technical information, and serving as an expert witness. He has managed dozens of projects, ranging from single person biological evaluations to complex, multi-year projects involving research and production teams. In addition to his credentials as a biologist, Dr. Kingsley also has graduate level training in administration, social and organizational behavior and change, policy, budgeting, and management. He is the author and co-author of many scientific papers, technical reports, magazine articles, and newspaper articles. He is also an accomplished photographer and videographer whose work has appeared in several publications and on national television, and a public speaker who has presented technical information to a wide variety of audiences in many different situations.