Dave Black
100 South Avenida De Palmas
Tucson, AZ. 85716
(520) 256-7328
(520) 318-6059

I am an International Development Management and Training administrator with considerable experience in the design, development, and management of innovative programs, with a focus on sustainability and the environment, in international settings. I am also a technical specialist in appropriate technology for village-based projects, including the design and delivery of environmentally-focused construction projects related to low-income and alternative housing.

Education MA International Development Management and Training, Prescott College
Thesis: ‘International Development in East and Southern Africa: Emerging Paradigms in Social Change and Biological Conservation’

MA Philosophy, Colorado State University (incomplete)
BA Philosophy, Colorado State University (honors program)

Languages French (fluent), Mandingue, KiSwahili, Arabic (familiarity)

French: Ten years French language use in professional settings including program development, training, office operations, negotiations with heads of state, Ministry-level officials, and public speaking including live interviews on national radio concerning program and environmental issues.

Summary International Business Instructor, 2006. International Consultant, 2006
Of Pima College, Tucson, AZ Technical Assist. to Non-Govern Organizations
Experience Teach International Business to college students. (T.A.N.G.O. Int’l., Tucson, AZ.)
East Africa Food Security Consultancies
Vice-President for Refugee Services, 2002-03
Jewish Family and Children's Service, Tucson, AZ.
(Managed eight grants and a core and support staff of 30 representing 11 nationalities and languages to facilitate the safe arrival, physical and cultural adjustment including HIV/AIDS education, and economic self-sufficiency of hundreds of refugees and asylees from 17 countries worldwide).

Vice-President, International Volunteers for Rural Development, 2001-2006 Volunteer position, Tucson, AZ.
(Facilitated international collaborations of experts and volunteers to support ongoing international rural development projects focused on sustainable development and the environment; completed Rapid Rural Assessments and HIV/AIDS educational recommendations.)

Executive Director, 1993-94,1997-2006.
Vintage Restorations, Portland, OR. & Tucson, AZ.
(Managed residential construction and historic preservation/restoration; maintained complete cost analysis and control; hired staff; worked with investors, planners, inspectors, and engineers to produce 26 residences.)
Result: Created environmentally progressive housing (including renewable energy technologies) providing affordable ownership, improved inner city livability, while preserving nationally important historic buildings.

Senior Trainer, 1999-2001.
Santa Cruz Institute, Tucson, AZ.
(Managed and facilitated international training programs related to environmental sustainability and developing democratic institutions through local government initiatives in the former Soviet Union and Africa.)
Result: Provided creative learning enrichment that transferred a training methodology and produced practical action plans related to democratic principles for key players at the local level in emerging democracies.

State Program Specialist, 1995-1996.
Corporation for National Service, Portland, OR.
(Managed and developed programs for national service volunteers in education, health (HIV/AIDS), environment, and public safety; developed and facilitated trainings; designed and completed project evaluations; policy analysis; provided technical assistance; established key programming partnerships; provided cost analysis for $5 million volunteer grant programs).
Result: Negotiated in 1996 largest cost-share program ($1 million) among 45 participating States placing 75 national service volunteers.

Country Director, 1988-1992
U.S. Government (Peace Corps), Armenia
(Founded first country program; supervised the establishment of all management, administrative, and programs systems; designed monitoring and evaluation systems; designed capacity building trainings and programs; initiated first country wide Small Enterprise Development Program focused on urban livelihoods in this former Soviet Republic). Collaborations: USAID ;USIS.

U.S. Government (Peace Corps). Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros
(Founded first country program; supervised the establishment of all management,
administrative, and programs systems; completed country-entry feasibility studies and policy analysis; established first national program in environmental education with counterparts). Collaborations: USAID (Kenya); UNDP; IUCN; ICBP.

Associate Director for Environmental Education, Wildlife and Natural Resources Management, (APCD, 1984-88).
U.S. Government (Peace Corps), Morocco.
(Established first national program in environmental education; developed and supervised environmentally-based programs and trainings related to endangered species management, national park and bioreserve creation, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. Twenty professional presentations and trainings focused on natural resource management, institutional capacity-building, and environmental education.). Collaborations: USAID; CRS (Development/ Relief); IUCN; ICBP (International Bird Migration Policy Analysis); FAO; USIS; UNICEF; BBC.

Awards Presidential Appointment, Knighthood- Chevalier de Croissant Vert,
& (highest national award), for founding national-level environmental and educational programs.
Honors Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros, Indian Ocean. 1991.

Royal Geographical Society (Fellow),
London, England

General Extensive travel in 70 countries in East, West, Central and Southern Africa, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.
Life long participation in outdoor sports. Marathons, 1989, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001. Advanced scuba diving certificate.
Top Secret Security Clearance, 1988-92.

Professional Community Development Society International
Associations Society for International Development

References Available upon request.