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Please FAX email or fax this form to: silverberg@alum.mit.edu or 480-275-3318.

Note: This information is critical to the application and incomplete data may delay the application review process. The applicant will be able to see your recommendation for admission.

To the Applicant: Please complete the top section of this form and give it to a supervisor who is well acquainted with you.

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Please FAX email or fax this form to: silverberg@alum.mit.edu or 480-275-3318.
A Word about Expeditionary Learning
An expedition is an intentional short-term team-based exploration in which all participants work towards accomplishing a mutually agreed upon mission. Expeditions typically take place in environments that are new to the team participants. The mission of the Environmental Learning Institute is to learn, through a rigorous academically-oriented immersion, about ecosystems and the communities whose lives are within these ecosystems. Members of an expedition team must have specific attributes to achieve success: flexibility, adaptability, patience, developing a culture of safety, good listening skills, good communication, acknowledging, respecting and utilizing differences, build on one another's strengths, collaboration, trust, respecting one another's physical and emotional space, a sense of humor.


Applicants for all courses should be pre- and in-service teachers and have completed at least one college-level biology, geology or environmental science course. All applicants are required to submit an Environmental Learning Institute application form and a reference letter from their faculty advisor or supervisor before their application will be reviewed. The reference form should document that the applicant has completed the required coursework, is in professional good standing and is of sufficient maturity to participate in an expeditionary study program.

The Environmental Learning Institute greatly appreciates your comments for evaluating the applicant for admission.

1. How long have you known the applicant?
2. In what capacity?
3. How well do you feel you know the applicant?
4. What are the strengths the applicant will bring to this program?
5. How would you expect the applicant's challenges to affect his/her performance on this type of academic/professional experience?
6. Please place yourself in the role of an Environmental Learning Institute faculty member and, understanding the rigors of expeditionary learning, would you want this applicant to be a participant?
7. If there are any additional data about the participant that you feel we should know, please feel free to make additional comments on this form or attach additional sheets if necessary.

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