2007 TORCH Educator Partial Fellowship Application

We are currently seeking grant support for our TORCH program that would offer participants partial need-based fellowships to pay for part of the course fee. At this time we cannot be certain of offering these fellowships. However, if you are interested in a course and a partial fellowship would make a tremendous difference in your ability to participate, we encourage you to send in your application with a 2 page letter addressing the following:

1. Your interest in a specific course and a possible second choice.

2. How attending a course will benefit your practice as a teacher.

3. How attending a course will benefit your students.

4. How attending a course will benefit your colleagues (e.g. your willingness to give a talk or short workshop based on your experiences in the course).

5. A statement explaining your financial need to attend the course. TORCH course expenses are the course fee, the airplane ticket and the required personal clothing and equipment. What will you be able to contribute toward the course expenses?